CCN-CERT, Soluciones de Ciber Seguridad

SOC-AGE (Cybersecurity Operations Centre – General State Administration)

SOC-AGEThe incessant increase in cyberattacks that the Public Sector is suffering, together with the risks that this poses to the strategic, economic and social position of the country, make it a priority to strengthen the capacity for prevention, monitoring, surveillance and response to incidents, through a Cybersecurity Operations Center (SOC).

The purpose of SOC is to provide horizontal cybersecurity services which increase surveillance and threat-detection capabilities in the daily operation of the Public Administration’s information and communications as well as the improvement of its capacity to respond to any attack.

The service environment of this Centre will be the General State Administration (AGE) and its public institutions. In order to participate in the SOC services, the entity must be assigned to the centralised Internet access of the General State Administration, in other words, to lot 3 of Phase 1 of the Consolidated Telecommunications Services contract of the General State Administration.

Contacto: Mail SOC-AGE


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