CCN-CERT, Soluciones de Ciber Seguridad

Functions of the SOC

SOC-AGE The SOC will offer services such as those listed below:

  • Operation, monitoring and updating of perimeter defence devices.
  • Detection, coordinated response, investigation of cyberattacks and cyber threats and resolution of security incidents.
  • Early Warning Service (SAT) for security alerts on Internet connections, common inter-administrative networks and, upon request, corporate networks of the entities.
  • Vulnerability analysis of applications and services.
  • Anti-abuse digital identity services.

This approach seeks to strengthen the most core services of a CSS with other complementary services that provide added value. In addition, depending on the demand from the entities and the evolution of the cyberthreat scenario over time, there will be a progressive evolution of the service to obtain continuous improvement in the level of security offered.

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