Since its origins, the National Cryptologic Centre has had among its main objectives to promote the knowledge and safe use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Public Sector. In this commitment to a culture of cybersecurity among all users, it develops and collaborates in all types of actions of awareness, training and dissemination of information and good security practices.

Thus, it adds to its training offer, which is more aimed at technical personnel, various services aimed at raising the awareness of all types of users (with and without prior knowledge) so that they adopt, on a day-to-day basis, appropriate procedures and good practices in the use of new technologies as the best way to reduce the area of exposure to the risks they imply.

Awareness, common sense and good practices are the best defences to prevent and detect setbacks in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems. It is therefore necessary for users to incorporate good practices in their daily lives which protect the information they handle in any device and in all types of applications or services.

In this section we compile some of the main tips that can be given to raise awareness and facilitate the safe use of ICT.


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