Plan de formación de Ciber Seguridad del CCN-CERT

Training itineraries

The Training Plan of the National Cryptology Centre offers a wide range of training courses, adapted to the needs of its community of reference. The training offer of the CCN, with a flexible curriculum design, has been developed to provide an effective response to the challenges of the twenty-first century.

The Training Plan of the National Cryptology Centre has been designed taking into account the need to train, both in person and at a distance, qualified professionals who have different profiles and levels of training. For this reason, a BASIC training has been established which, through the STIC Course, introduces the student to the field of Information and Communication Technology Security.

Once the basic training has been completed, the professional who wishes to perfect his knowledge may choose between two (2) itineraries designed to achieve this end, the management itinerary and the specialisation itinerary (aimed at more technical personnel).

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