TEMPEST Certification

The term TEMPEST refers to investigations and studies of compromising emanations related to classified information that is being transmitted, received, handled or otherwise processed by electronic equipment or systems. These unintentional emanations, once detected and analyzed, can lead to the obtaining of information. The term TEMPEST also refers to the measures applied to protect against such compromising emissions.

The National Cryptologic Centre (CCN), as an ICT security certification authority in the EMSEC (Emissions Safety) field, has among other missions, the development of national standards in this field, the evaluation and certification of equipment, systems and facilities, as well as participation and advice in different forums, acting in all of them as National TEMPEST Authority (NTA).

The TEMPEST standard (CCN-STIC-210) applies to National CONFIDENTIAL or higher classified information. Therefore, it affects equipment, systems and installations, both fixed and mobile, in which this information is generated or processed.