Conformity stamps

Aware of the need to publicize the guarantees adopted in the development of public administration and development of the administrative procedure provided by electronic means, Article 41 of the ENS states:

Article 41. Publication of conformity.

Bodies and Public law bodies give publicity in the corresponding electronic headquarters to the declarations of conformity, and the hallmarks of security of those creditors, obtained regard to compliance with the National security Scheme.

Depending on the category system distinguishes between Declaration of Conformity and Certification of conformity, gathered in Guide 809 (Declaration and Certification of Compliance ENS):

Declaration of Conformity: applicable to information systems of Basic category. It may be represented by mark or stamp Declaration of Conformity generated by the entity under whose responsibility is the system.

Certification of Conformity: mandatory application to information systems of Medium or High category, and voluntary in the case of information systems of Basic category.

Instrucción Técnica de Seguridad (ITS) de conformidad con el Esquema Nacional de Seguridad

Accredited certification entities


This distinction applies to government entities, services and solutions providers and auditing and certification service providers.

Guía CCN-STIC-809 Declaración y certificación de conformidad con el ENS y distintivos de cumplimiento