ENS Validation Environment (EVENS)

EVENS is a neural network in motion, in constant development, evolution and continuous improvement process.

It constitutes the integration of solutions in a model based on “Business Intelligence” where the information generated by them is handled, processed and exploited and, more importantly, the creation of knowledge about the environment - National Security Scheme - through of the analysis of existing data.

It provides a layer of access to all Resources, Information, Tools, Developments, Guides, News, Regulations, Entities, Cybersecurity Culture... related to the ENS.

In short, a collaborative environment to share information, facilitate relationships and create community.

  • Measure the State of security through a dashboard that serves to govern the cybersecurity of the public sector by allowing information, analyze data, draw conclusions and make strategic decisions through the Ines Intelligence Module.
  • Obtain Information, Analyze data, Extract Conclusions and Make strategic decisions through the Ines Intelligence Module.
  • Train in the ENS and provide knowledge: Compliance Process, Adjustment Procedure, Declaration of Applicability-Specific Compliance Profiles, Risk Analysis, Impact Assessment, Internal Audits, Metrics (INES), Continuous Review and Monitoring of the Security Status of the systems.
  • Have a platform that provides visual information on the Adaptation Process to the ENS to Obtain Compliance and facilitate the Preparation of the Adaptation Plan through a guided process.
  • Publicize and relate all the actors involved in the ENS: Certification Entities, Certified Public Sector, Certified Companies, ENS Certification Council (CoCENS), etc.
  • Have a collaborative environment from which not only access to the resources developed by the CCN is offered, but also to the tools of other organizations.
  • Provide a common way of entry to all the documentation prepared and related to the ENS: State of Security Reports, regulations, ITS, 800 Series Guides (ENS), Abstract, etc.
  • Related Cybersecurity culture, particularly on training, training, progress, news and meetings of the ENS.

Entorno de Validación del ENS

Color code:

  • Light Blue Sphere: knowledge about ENS.
  • Dark Blue Sphere: Adaptation and Support.
  • Orange Sphere: Risk Analysis, Impact Assessment and Metrics.
  • Garnet Sphere: Training (training) and Cybersecurity Culture of the ENS.
  • Garnet button: CCN ENS Portal.
  • Green button: more EVENS windows (Guided Adaptation Plan and Business Intelligence).
  • Blue button: CCN-STIC guides.