OLVIDO, secure data removal

OLVIDO is a solution that performs overwriting and removal tasks on file systems and disks. It offers the user the possibility of securely deleting different elements:

  • Files and folders.
  • Free disk space.
  • Unused cluster fragments.
  • Disks and volumes.

It has a scheduling module that allows the user to schedule the execution of automatic deletion tasks. OLVIDO implements different standard removal algorithms and allows the user to select the removal algorithm to be applied to each task. It also offers the administrator the possibility to define custom removal algorithms, specifying the number of passes and the overwrite pattern. It allows integration with a Syslog server to send activity and status logs of the removal tasks performed.

OLVIDO Windows can be run on the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Server 2016 and Microsoft Server 2021.

In the guide CCN-STIC-1508 Procedimiento de empleo seguro OLVIDO Windows you can consult the security configuration of the tool in accordance with minimum security guarantees.


  • Datasheet
  • License request form OLVIDO WINDOWS
    • Installer Package - OlvidoInstaller_1.0.6.2.msi: OlvidoInstaller_1.0.6.2.msi: ed5fb163b9b620adab41dbc327153340346a8c2b6012fed68c6abd80f9e797ff

    After installation, you can check the hash values of the binaries:

    • Executable - Olvido.exe: 3b334b1e5cbd3366af57ff76d1773adabf05548825b23df1368bd5895fe1881c

    • Windows Service - Olvido.Service.exe: 4216fe6b030cae60c14be1eeea25fb7b13ea41699cad042b79ba98c0f687743f

    • Service base library - Olvido.IO.Core.dll: f664b08bd17028538ab512594ca33024da36038f0743b63c698fd9bac84dd2ff