Organismo de Certificación del Centro Criptológico Nacional

Cryptologic Certification

The National Cryptologic Center (CCN) is the agency responsible for the development of the Catalogue of Products with Cryptologic Certification that includes products capable of protecting classified national information. The encryption equipment that has been evaluated and certified by the CCN is considered a national encryption system with cryptological certification. Different types of encryption are available: IP (Internet Protocol), data, coz, fax, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), random number generators, management centres, etc.

The products approved for the encryption of classified national information or that legally require protection are included in the catalogue of products with cryptological certification CCN-STIC Guide 103, and the procedure for the evaluation of cryptological products is included in the default CCN-STIC Guide 102.

The cryptological evaluation is responsible for verifying the operation, implementation and analysis of the algorithms used, the security mechanisms and the correct operation of the equipment. Assigning them up to a classification level of the information for which they are authorized to process according to their cryptological strength.

In order for a cryptological product to be included in the catalogue of Cryptologically Certified products, functional evaluation, TEMPEST evaluation and cryptological evaluation may be necessary depending on the characteristics of the device.