metaOLVIDO, metadata management

metaOLVIDO allows you to apply corporate security policies to prevent information leaks, cleaning the metadata and sensitive information hidden in the office files generated in an organization, thus reducing the risks derived from the malicious use of metadata.

It offers automated solutions, which do not require user intervention, for the processing of metadata in:

  • Mail servers:
    • Microsoft Exchange.
    • Zimbra Server
  • E-mail clients:
    • Microsoft Outlook for Windows, Mac OS X and OWA.
    • Google Gmail through Chrome, Firefox and Edge Browser.
    • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • File Servers (cloud and onpremise) and Web Servers
  • Integration with the client's internal processes:
    • Metadata processing through RESTful Web Service

Benefits when applying metaOLVIDO solutions

metaOLVIDO prevents uncontrolled exposure of sensitive data through metadata, contributing to:

  • Comply with different regulations such as the ENS and GDPR.
  • Prevent cyber phishing attacks: It is very easy to generate highly effective phishing campaigns using the metadata of documents shared through web servers, email, social networks...
  • Prevent economic and reputational damage to organizations.

Deployment Modalities



Ideal for small organisms

Continuous and real-time protection of the metadata of a workstation or Server. It allows you to configure rules and put them into practice on the documentary or multimedia files that are considered necessary, either on user computers -EndPoint- or in shared network folders -Server-. Protect information in a simple and unattended way.

    metaOLVIDO EndPoint and/or metaOLVIDO Server



Recommended for large organizations

Manages, centralizes and controls the application of preventive corporate security policies. It allows you to obtain statistics on the metadata processed in the organization by incorporating the metaOLVIDO Dashboard Administration Web Console and control all the hidden information that has been prevented from exfiltration.

    metaOLVIDO EndPoint and/or metaOLVIDO Server + metaOLVIDO Dashboard Console